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What can I say… I love the process of organizing my thoughts into words! As someone who is constantly striving to be better I have found it a cathartic and inspiring practice to create content for other people to enjoy. On this site, one will find my blog, where I chronicle stories about important topics and events that have happened in my life, and my podcast, where I speak with people that I find interesting. Please feel free to leave me a review or comment and share with others if you feel the need. I encourage anyone who is reading this seek to live intentionally and to carve out their own path in life so that you wake up each day thrilled to be alive. Adventure awaits. Here’s to creating moments and memories that last a lifetime!

Latest Posts

Embracing the Work

At precisely five AM, my alarm clock begins spitting out the beats of some obscure wind chime, “Da Da Dum, Da Da Dum”. Immediately, my hand reaches out in the darkness, dragging my previously limp body along with it. I grab my phone just in time to silence the sound before it gets any ideas…

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Roaming Alpine Helen, Georgia

My wife and I love traveling to the mountains! Throughout our adventures, one of the spots that we have discovered along the way is Helen, Georgia. Ever since first visiting the City of Helen for a few hours on a pass-through trip in 2017, we have had the mountainous city in the back of our…

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Find the Flow

“Showing up, every morning, doing the work. Not waiting on the inspiration but working for it. Jeff Henderson In my office at work, I have the above mentioned quote taped to the bottom side of my computer monitor and I read it every time I take a seat behind my desk in the morning. I…

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Hunter W. Potts
Jackson County, Florida

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