The Pursuit of an Ultra Life – Loving, Running, & Listening

The Pursuit of an Ultra Life is my first attempt at writing a feature length book. The book invites readers to come along with me as I travel to compete in an Ultramarathon running race. Along the way, I reflect upon the journey my life has taken, noticing that every decision I have made along the way has all been leading me to this one singular moment.  But…will it be enough to help me finish the race?

How to Read?

The book is available online via an e-copy download which can be found below or you can listen to the audio version via the Hunter W. Potts Podcast.

Download a copy today: The Pursuit of an Ultra Life – Loving, Running, & Listening

Listen here: Spotify – Anchor – iTunes

See below for a short excerpt from the book’s Prologue.

"Driving through the serene mountains of North Georgia, I am headed to challenge my body and mind in an ultimate test of physical and mental endurance - The Cloudland Canyon Ultramarathon. Peering out my window, I observe the mystifying effects the late Autumn season has on the lush woodlands that surround me. Throngs of skyward reaching trees canvas the roadway while their slim bare trunks give way to branches that intertwine to form a dazzling rust-colored forest canopy. Blanketing the forest floor below, auburn leaves weave a calico covered quilt up the mountain side.   As I turn my attention towards the road ahead, the sprawling natural beauty does little to calm my nerves for the race tomorrow. To unravel the anxious knots in my stomach, I begin to retreat into my past and find strength from the things that I have accomplished in my life. The journey to get here, to this exact moment, is one that I have found myself mulling over constantly in my preparation for the race. 

Every day, I wake up with the same goal - I strive to be in the moment. To be ever mindful of my past and continually preparing for my future; doing my best to live what I have dubbed to be an “Ultra Life”. Ultra, in Latin means extra, super, or beyond.  In my life, the journey of this Pursuit has taken on a variety of forms, and I have found that predominantly my life is filled with stories and moments of Loving, Running & Listening. In loving, I endure to love myself, my God, the person I have committed my life to, my family, and any others that I meet along the way. In listening, I endeavor to learn. By listening to others, I seek to understand them, where they are coming from, and aim grow from the useful knowledge that they have. And lastly, in Running, I run because running is not easy. Running is at times difficult, arduous, and disheartening but it is also at times carefree, joyful, and peaceful. Running creates instantaneous feedback, it lets me know that I am mortal, that I am not perfect, and that I can always be better."


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