My Story

Around 16 years old, I started running for my local High School Cross Country team and quickly fell in love with the sport of running. It was exciting for me to take part in something that was difficult and challenging. It was also extremely captivating to see how exercising created a positive influence in my life and how I was able to improve my overall finish time from race to race. My love of running has changed so much since my high school days and it has taken me down several other paths of physical fitness and exercise including swimming, hiking, cycling, and any other activity where physical endurance and stamina play a major role. Running allowed me to see what was possible and opened up a much larger world in terms of experiencing the outdoors . Throughout my life, exercise has long provided me an outlet for my restless mind, given me the confidence that I can do anything, and granted me fantastic opportunities to get outdoors in nature and experience our natural world.

Personal Records

800 Meters – 2:03
1600 Meters – 4:26
3,200 Meters – 9:56
5000 Meters – 16:12
10,000 Meters – 35:58
Half-marathon: 1:18:25
Marathon: 3:02:35
50K: 5:37:10

 “Without self-discipline, success is impossible, period.”– Lou Holtz

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