Five Reasons Why I Love My Wife

5 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

On July 9th, 2020, my wife and I celebrate not only 3 years of marriage but also 3 years of countless road trips, trails hiked, mountains climbed, bikes ridden, skateboards shredded, rivers paddled, music played, books read, tears shared, endless heartfelt laughter, and so much more. Truly Extraordinary! We have done and seen and experienced so many things together in our lives. Honestly, it feels like she has been a part of my life from the beginning and I couldn’t imagine my life without her. When people speak of their significant other as being their better half I truly understand what they mean; my wife is my better half, the mother to our children, and most important to me…she is my best friend. On July 9, 2017 we chose to go through life together and what a choice it was! I am so thankful and blessed to have her in my life. To help celebrate this occasion, I figured what better way to celebrate the love that we share than to try and articulate just what it is that makes me love my wife so much. With that being said, Here are my top five reasons for why I love my wife!

1. Her Being

To begin this short ode into why I love my wife I thought it fitting to begin with the thing that initially drew me to her, which is her mind and way of being. In trying to articulate my love for her, to me, I can’t say enough about her as an individual. She is a sweet, kind, and gentle person. She possesses a soothing voice and has a hippy soul at heart, a witty sense of humor, and takes delight in the simple pleasures of life such as a full cup of coffee, front porch swinging, singing, and all manner of dancing. She is a joy to be around as she is always looking for the upside in everything that we do together. Her positive nature and desire to live the most meaningful life possible is a theme that I share in my own life and is something that drives us a couple to continue striving to be better.

2. Food & Cooking

Okay, so obviously this one is a selfish on my part but hey, I think when you are looking for a soulmate you probably should make sure that person can cook. It has been an absolute pleasure to assist her in the kitchen or to sit back and let the master work her skills as a chef. Her soups are to die for, her sauces…pristine, her reductions…please, pan seared salmon…come on, and eggs benedict with extra hollandaise sauce…yes she’s that kind of cook. Growing up, I never really thought about how cooking and food might relate to love. With my wife though, cooking and food really translates themselves into a lot of areas of Heather’s character which I dearly appreciate. Heather is endlessly dedicated to learning about, eating, and cooking great food!

Whenever she is eating food her body language becomes so expressive, indicative of pure joy and elation. Bouncing up and down, waving her arms, and making all manner of “mmhmm” noises showcasing her delight as she chomps away. To me, this is the cutest behavior and over the years I have had a fun time watching this process in action. Additionally, Heather takes her food preparation very seriously; which is another thing that I kind of hoped for in partner but could never have expected an interest and desire to make good food to be as strong as hers. Most nights, I am the lucky recipient of her culinary labor but more than that it is Heather’s attitude towards cooking. Whenever she prepares a meal, I know that the most absolute care has been taken to deliver the best quality food possible. The flavor, taste, and texture of her food become  benchmarks to her success and subsequently because of her passion it rubs off on me and adds another layer to why I love her. 

3. Empathy

There are so many great qualities to Heather but the one that I would have to say that I am most jealous of and that I have never encountered in someone else to such a degree is her capacity for empathy. My wife is a very emotional person in the best possible way. She is able to put herself in someone else’s shoes and experience the same emotions and feelings of just about anyone. Nowhere is this more apparent than when she is listening to music or watching a movie. Somehow she is able to feel the emotions of the characters or the feelings of a song and totally let them come over her. When watching emotional scenes in movies or even just a heartfelt commercial I like to turn over to her and see just what effect to the scene is having on her. To me seeing her face light up with jubilation, a concerned scowl, or tears of joy or sorrow is so much more appealing than the music or film that we are viewing at the time. Her empathy allows her to feel what others are going through. This adds depth to her character and makes her such a fun person to be around and talk to as she always keeps an open mind never taking things for just their face value.

4. Motherhood

Undoubtedly, the most daunting adventure that my wife and I have faced together is being parents. What a blessing it is though! For me, watching my wife come into the role of being a mother has been utterly fascinating. She definitely is much stronger than me when it comes to her ability to take care of our kids and as I always like to say, I have the easy job. I get to go to work each day while she stays home with the kids. Shortly after our babies were born, her motherly instincts kicked in and she has always given motherhood her full attention. I think it definitely shows in our beautiful boys who are developing and growing wonderfully because of the time and dedication she puts toward them. I love that she is committed to making sure our kids eat well, have the proper supplies, and are nurtured and loved by their parents.

5. Her Love for Me

Lastly, but certainly not the least or even an exhaustive list of reasons why I love my wife is her love for me. It is evident that she returns the love I give her and more. This is something that I hoped for in a partner but never thought I would experience in my life. We have been married for three years now and our love seems to be multiplying every day. It seems hard to fathom, but I can say that I love her even more now than when we were first married. The more of this life that we share together the sweeter our relationship becomes. Through her love for me my wife offers deep unwavering support for the things that I do and is a firm pillar for in our relationship. I can always count on her for sound reasoning as I know that anything she says will be coming from a place of love.


Like I said at the outset these are just a few reasons why I love my wife. I think that my skills as a writer are not nearly grand enough to ever truly capture my emotions and feelings for my wife adequately. With my wife I am truly blessed to have found in her my partner for life and I thank God every day for that. Thank you for being such a wonderful wife, mother, and friend. Happy Anniversary!

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